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Our Mission

Bouse Bernedoodle's mission is simple, to provide a healthy and loving furever companion for you and your family.  We are a small family breeder so we only have a few litters a year in order to provide the best care for each of our puppies.  Our puppies are raised in our home with our two kids and come from fully health and genetic tested parents.


Family-First Breeders

Howdy! We are the Bouse family! A family of 5 in Cypress, Texas. We are happy you are here to learn about us and our passion for Bernedoodles! Both of us were raised in College Station, Texas (Aggie class of ’18) around all kinds of animals. Our kids have been raised around dogs and other animals (chickens, horses, etc.) and also are true animal lovers. We all spend an enormous amount of time with all of our animals and consider them part of our family. 


We are proudly raising premier Bernedoodle puppies in the great state of Texas. Our journey began after purchasing our own Bernedoodles and learning how incredible this breed really is. Not only are they amazing family dogs, they are also hypoallergenic, (a low to non-shedding breed), highly intelligent, super sweet and loving, loyal, and a bit goofy at times 😊.  All of these characteristics make them the perfect pet to integrate into any home. We believe that dogs are more than “just dogs”… we believe in total nurturing, loving, and caring for our precious pets inside our home with our family. Our home is situated on a 2-acre lot, which allows our “babies” plenty of outside play time and exercise. Additionally, while Ryan works outside of the home, Alexis has the privilege to work from home and spend time with all of our “children” (humans and dogs) throughout the day.


Last but not least, we are the proud parents of three incredible kids who push us to be a better husband, wife, mother, and father every single day. Because our puppies are raised in a family home around our children they are well-adjusted and incredible pets for any family. Thank you for your time and consideration of this special breed and we hope we can help you find the perfect “Bouse Bernedoodle” puppy for your family! 


Many blessings,


The Bouse Family

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