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Meet Our Mom's and Dad's

All parents are genetic health tested as a part of our selective breeding program to ensure health defects and disorders are not passed on. 




F1b Mini Bernedoodle

30 lbs

White and Apricot Coat

Marley is our F1b Mini Bernedoodle momma.  She is always happy and will do anything for a treat.  She definitely has more energy for playing games than Millie.  We love that she is really good with kids and always willing and ready to join in on the fun.  She is a very loving mom and a natural. 



F1 Standard Bernedoodle

80 lbs

Tri Colored Coat

Millie is our F1 standard Bernedoodle momma.  She is very obedient, a goof ball at times, and a sweet laid back dog who loves to relax and hang with the family.  Her comfort place is in your lap or on the couch waiting for cuddles. She is one giant sweet teddy bear.


Artemis Pic 4_edited.jpg


AKC Medium Poodle

27 lbs

Tri Colored Phantom Coat

Zues Pic 1.JPG


AKC Standard Poodle

50 lbs

Phantom Parti Coat

DN Poodles & Doodles

Cash 1.JPEG

Johnny "Cash"

AKC Toy Poodle

6 lbs

Intermediate Red Coat

Red Ranch Dogs

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