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Our Recommended Puppy Products and Supplies

Below are some products and supplies which we believe are the real deal!  Although as an Amazon Affiliate, we earn a small commission from purchasing items through the links below, Bouse Bernedoodles would never suggest a product that we would not use ourselves.  

For you...

Bedding, Home, & Travel

Wooden Pet Crate
Vehicle Pet Seat Cover
Portable Playpen
Indoor Dog Doormat
Memory Foam Bed
Memory Foam Bed
Folding Travel Crate

Food & Nutrition

Hill's Science Diet Puppy Food
Ceramic Bowls
No-spill Water Bowl
All Natural Dog Biscuits
Durable Chewer
Stuffed Natural Bone
Soft Chew Treats
Portable Bowls
Portable Water Bottle

Collars, Leashes, & Accessories

Soft Leather Collar & Leash
Nylon Leash
Adjustable Harness
Adjustable Harness
Adjustable Harness
Mesh Vest Harness
Airtag Collar Holder
Fabric Bandanas
Fabric Bandanas


Grooming Hair Blower
Dog Nail Grinder
Perfume Spray
Cowboy Magic Grooming
Gentle Tear Stain Wipes
Whitening Shampoo & Facial
Detangling Pet Combs
Pet Safe Ear Wipes
Pet Comb
Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Training & Toys

We begin the first steps to implementing the Baxter and Bella training program with all our puppies. The training we do at home lays the initial groundwork and creates a base for you and your puppy to build on. This helps them become well adjusted and comfortable in their own skin.  Through this they will also be introduced to potty and crate training before they are sent home. If you want to purchase their entire course and continue the training we have started, please use our discount code BOUSE25 to save 25% and have a lifetime membership to training and other invaluable resources.  

Hanging Door Bells
Pine Litter
Leakproof Waste Bags
Crate Training Aid
Furbo Treat Tossing Camera
Intelligent Interactive Ball
Potty Training Tray
Lick Mat
Interactive Food Toy
Durable Interactive Chewer
Enrichment Mat
Stuff-less Squeak Toy
Enrichment Mat
Kong Chew Toy
Interactive Dog Toy
Puppuccino Dog Toy
Ice Cream Dog Toy
Plush Dog Toy
Interactive Puzzle Toy
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